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Field of Activity

"Aquazagros" produces its products under the "Mahik" brand. This company has obtained health certificates from the country's veterinary organization as well as HACCP and ISO22000 and IR and EC codes to improve production and export. The products that can be ordered are all kinds of sea and farmed fish and shrimps in plain and seasoned form. Caviar processing and export license can also be ordered by obtaining the Cites code.


the automatic production line of the factory produces the desired product and prepares it for delivery to the consumer with the least possible hand intervention and the shortest possible time and under the supervision of experienced experts.

Our Services

this company can provide you with services on the following feilds related to aquatics: Aquatic export - Freezing and preservation of aquatic products - Fish processing, sorting and packaging - Processing, sorting and packaging of shrimp and other aquatic - Extraction, processing and packaging of caviar, Etc.

What makes us different !

the number of related Fisheries and Aquaculture center
Daily production capacity (kg)
purchase and sale processing
Target countries for exporting products
consulting and implementation of standrads
The number of services that can be performed

Our Packing

Aqua Zagros company provides its customers with the best and highest quality packaging in a way that protetcts food from consumption until consumption. These packages include vacuume bags, nylon bags, cool boxes, cardboard boxes with nylon shrink covers And various other types with different designs and capabilities.